Unipolar compression permanent magnet frequency conversion series

Introduction of permanent magnet synchronous motor technology

Appeared in the world in 1881. The first permanent magnet synchronous motor, and the technology of permanent magnet synchronous motor stopped in place for the next 150 years. It was not until the third generation of rare earth Yongjiang materials that permanent magnet synchronous motors developed rapidly. Compared with asynchronous motor, permanent magnet synchronous motor has small size. The advantages of high efficiency, high power consumption and high starting torque, the rotor of the permanent magnet synchronous motor is equipped with magnetic poles made of Yongjiang materials, which replaces the excitation part of the rotor of the asynchronous motor, eliminates slip, and realizes synchronous operation . The system composed of it can be controlled in a wide range of speed and applied in the occasion of fast response. Since the 1930s, elevator hoisting machines have been driven by permanent knock synchronous motors. Permanent magnet synchronous motors are developed with the continuous development of permanent magnet materials. The raw materials of permanent magnet materials are derived from rare earths. China is a major producer of rare earths in the world.

Technical advantages of Jinyuan permanent magnet main motor

Water magnetic synchronous motor adopts high-performance rare earth water magnet, high temperature resistance without loss of magnetism, stator coil adopts special corona resistant enameled wire for inverter, with excellent insulation performance and durable service life. The rated efficiency of the water-magnet synchronous motor is 5% ~ -8% higher than that of the asynchronous motor: the rotor of the water-magnet synchronous motor has no excitation loss, which reduces the energy loss of the motor. The high power factor makes the stator current smaller and significantly reduces the stator winding resistance loss : The water-magnet synchronous motor can maintain extremely high efficiency and power factor in a large range below the rated speed, ensuring that the air compressor has a significant energy saving advantage when the gas consumption is small, the more the gas consumption of the pipe network fluctuates The larger, the more obvious the energy saving effect.

1. The adjustable range of variable frequency power output of asynchronous motor is only 60% -100%,

2. The adjustable range of variable frequency power output of water magnetic synchronous motor can reach 25% -100%

3. Compared with asynchronous motor power frequency air compressor, water-magnet synchronous motor can save energy by 18% -36%

4. Compared with asynchronous motor variable frequency air compressor, water-magnet synchronous motor can save energy by 10% -15%

A typical user example: a 75KW asynchronous motor power frequency screw air compressor, which runs 8.000 hours a year and consumes 600.000 degrees of power. Under the same working conditions, another 75KW permanent magnet motor variable frequency screw air compressor Power consumption is 398,000 kWh. If the standard electricity bill is 0.62 yuan / kWh, the annual electricity bill can be saved: 600000 -398000 -202000X 0.62 = 125240 (yuan). Within a year, most of the investment in the permanent magnet variable frequency screw air compressor was recovered!

AYC Permanent Magnet Frequency Conversion Motor Direct Drive Transmission Series


Exhaust pressure

Air flow

Motor Power

Cooling method

Exhaust interfac



J-22AYC0.6~1.04.1~3.022Air-cooledG1 13808501170440
J-37AYC0.6~1.07.2~5.437Air-cooledG1 1/2150010001340685
J-45AYC0.6~1.08.9~6.845Air-cooledG1 1/2175011501530980
J-185WYC0.6~1.035~28.5185Water coolingDN1003200200020004000
J-220WYC0.6~1.045.7~38.1220Water coolingDN1003200200020004400
J-250WYC0.6~1.050.4~42250Water coolingDN1254400230023005700

AYC-ⅡQuiet Permanent Magnet Frequency Conversion Motor Direct Drive Transmission Series

ModelExhaust pressure
Air flow

Motor Power

Cooling methodExhaust interfac
J-37AYC Ⅱ7.2~5.437G1 1/2150010001340732
J-55AYC Ⅱ9.8~8.655G21650130018111120
Unipolar compression permanent magnet frequency conversion series
Integrated mainframe

Equipped with the newly designed intake control components. The integrated design integrates the functions of the air compressor's intake loading, throttle pressure maintenance and deflation unloading, which reduces the failure rate of the air compressor's intake system to a minimum.

Level of energy efficiency

Efficient inner enclosing oil and gas separation system. The internal structure is composed of a specially designed cyclone separation cylinder, focusing separation core and oil return device. Make the oil content of the discharged compressed air less than 3PFM.

Temperature control valve

The main motor adopts high-performance vector frequency conversion control and advanced vector control technology to realize the integration of driving, torque control and speed control. Strengthen the manufacturability and environmental adaptability of the inverter to meet the environmental protection requirements of users for low noise and low electromagnetic interference. Humanized parameter setting and fault diagnosis. Convenient for users to use and maintain.

Optimized design of piping

The inverter can be used to control the fan motor model. The advanced fan frequency conversion control technology can prevent the emulsification and premature oxidation of the lubricating oil, ensure the good lubrication of the host and maintain a suitable operating temperature. Reduce the noise when the fan starts, and extend the service life of the fan.

Excellent gasket

The new generation of European technology screw host, the latest Y-line screw rotor, further improves the volumetric efficiency of the host; the large-diameter rotor design allows the host to run at low speed. High-quality SKF heavy-duty bearings help to extend the service life of the host.

High quality air piping

Advanced computer control system, can be unattended, all-weather, fully automatic intelligent operation; Chinese display, touch operation, can display the operating status of the system and store and query various faults

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