3 bar series of unipolar compression permanent magnet variable frequency direct connection

Motor Power

Exhaust pressure

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3 bar series of unipolar compression permanent magnet variable frequency direct connection
Specially developed host for low voltage applications

The screw main machine specially designed for low-pressure working conditions directly outputs low-pressure compressed air suitable for pressure, and obtains the amount of exhaust you need with less energy consumption; the rotor gap and the main casing of the main engine have been precisely designed, not just changing the exhaust source port , All designs meet the requirements of large flow and low pressure.

Intelligent microcomputer control system

Microcomputer control system with self-diagnosis and protection functions. The display panel accurately displays the actual running status of the unit, warnings and fault reports to facilitate corresponding handling.

Intake system

The intake control valve has good stability, precise capacity adjustment, oil return and check control, the working status is clear, and the adjustment is convenient and clear.

Energy saving and reliable operation

According to the special requirements of the screw air compressor, the configured motor is commissioned by a professional motor factory with a protection level of IP54. Each motor has been strictly tested before leaving the factory. Imported heavy-duty bearings are installed in the motor. Due to the high protection level, it can effectively prevent dust and water from entering the motor and extend the service life of the motor.

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