All-in-one laser cutting machine

Note: 1. The company continuously researches and improves products. If the technical parameters do not match the product nameplate, the nameplate shall prevail

J Jinyuan series products, T integrated, 15 for power, A for air cooling, G for direct drive, P for belt drive, YC for permanent magnet, F with cold dryer

Compression methodSingle-stageSingle-stage
Exhaust pressure1.6Mpa1.6Mpa
Cooling methodAir-cooledAir-cooled
Oil content0.001PPm0.001PPm
Pressure dew point2~5℃2~5℃
Gas tank volume0.35m?0.35m?
Rated power15KW11KW
Noise70 Db70 Db
Exhaust interfaceG?G?
All-in-one laser cutting machine
Permanent magnet direct drive machine
Belt drive type
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