Power frequency direct connection series

The use cost of screw air compressor:

The use cost of screw air compressor mainly comes from three aspects: purchase cost, operating cost and maintenance cost, of which operating cost accounts for about 80% of the use cost of screw air compressor.

Excellent characteristics of Jinyuan A series AYC models:

1. Low operating noise

2. Soft start to protect the power grid

3. Constant voltage output can save electricity costs by 6% -10%

4. Save 18% -36% electricity bill when the gas consumption fluctuates greatly

Combination characteristics of Jinyuan A series AG model + A series AYC model:

Choosing Jinyuan A series AG model + A series AYC model combination configuration air compressor station can make your compressed air system have all the excellent features of AG model and AYC model listed above.


Exhaust pressure

Air flow

Motor Power

Cooling method

Exhaust interface



J-22AG0.83.522Air-cooledG1 1/413808501170520
J-37AG0.86.137Air-cooledG1 1/2150010001300800
J-185WG0.829.4185Water coolingDN1003200200020003500
J-220WG0.838.1220Water coolingDN1003200200020004000
J-250WG0.842250Water coolingDN1254400230023005200
Power frequency direct connection series
Superior molded line technology screw

A new generation of screw mainframe, the latest Y-shaped screw rotor, high volumetric efficiency, integrated direct-connect structure, streamlined transmission components, compact size, high reliability and stability.

High efficiency motor

A new type of serrated fin cooler is used in combination with an axial-flow cooling fan to improve air circulation conditions and achieve a significant heat exchange effect. Ensure the heat dissipation of various components and electrical equipment in the machine.

High efficiency oil gas separation core

It realizes the integration of driving, torque control and speed control with high reliability. Strengthen environmental adaptability to meet users' environmental protection requirements for low electromagnetic interference.

Temperature control valve

The large-diameter low-pressure drop integrated design group integrates the functions of air intake, air saving and air discharge unloading, which is conducive to reducing the failure rate, high suction efficiency, and no oil spitting during shutdown.

Pneumatic control pipeline

Composed of specially designed cylinder with internal structure, focusing separation filter element and oil return device, the oil content of the discharged compressed air is less than 3PPM.


The reasonable arrangement of high-quality shock absorbers and the closed and robust box chassis design reduce resonance and running noise transmission.

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