Compressed air station requirements for air compressors Postdate:2019-06-11 Hits:616

Compressed air station design code requirements for air compressor electrical safety

(1) Do not use the air compressor in parallel with equipment with large power consumption to avoid the action of the air compressor electrical protection device due to excessive voltage drop or three-phase current imbalance.

(2) Correctly select the power wire diameter that matches the power of the motor to avoid the danger of excessive power line load and burnout.

(3) The air compressor must be reliably grounded, and it is not allowed to be directly connected to the air delivery pipe or cooling water pipe to prevent danger caused by electric leakage.

(4) If the three-phase current is unbalanced, the difference between the lowest one-phase current and the highest one-phase current shall not exceed 5%.

(5) The power cord must be insulated at the inlet to avoid danger due to friction and leakage of the wire sheath.

(6) During installation and maintenance, the power must be cut off, and a warning sign should be hung on the power switch. Disconnect the load end of the switch when the power supply is far away from the work place to ensure personal safety.

Compressed air station design specifications for the layout requirements of compressed air station

The layout of the compressed air station in the plant (mine) should be determined after comparing the technical and economic plans according to the following factors.

(1) Close to the load center.

(2) Power supply and water supply are reasonable.

(3) There is a possibility of expansion.

(4) Avoid locations close to hazardous materials such as explosive, corrosive and toxic gases, dust, etc., and be located on the leeward side of the above-mentioned locations with minimum frequency of wind direction throughout the year.

(5) The spacing of compressed air stations for places with noise and vibration protection requirements shall comply with the relevant national standards and regulations.

(6) The orientation of the compressed air station should make the machine have a good wind through the hall, and should reduce the sun exposure.

(7) The compressed air station should be an independent building. When adjoining or set in other buildings, it should be separated by walls.