Why is there lubricating oil on the surface of the screw compressor, how to remove it? Postdate:2019-06-11 Hits:628

Why do lubricating oil appear on the surface of the main body of the screw air compressor? How are these lubricating oils produced? Is the generated lubricating oil harmful to the main engine? The following introduction will explain to everyone.

(1) Cause analysis.

1) The oil seal has come off or the oil seal has leaked;

2) The fixed bearing of the main shaft is worn, which leads to the leakage of the oil seal;

3) Leakage at the joint surface;

4) Loose inlet and return pipe joints;

5) Casting or processing defects;

6) The tightening force of the transmission belt is too large, so that the gap on the side of the oil seal increases.

(2) Elimination method.

1) Oil seal. Check the matching size of the oil seal, shaft sleeve and box, and replace it if it does not meet the standard; move the active shaft hard to check whether the radial clearance is too large. If the clearance is too large, replace the sleeve and oil seal at the same time; There are scratches and defects, and those with scratches and defects should be replaced.

2) Check the oil seal for cracks, cracks or flanging on the inner lip. If one of the above conditions occurs, the oil seal should be replaced and the spindle bearing should be further inspected

3) Check the sealing condition of the seals at each joint, repair or replace the seals

4) Check the bolts of the inlet and return joints and the threads of the box and tighten them.

5) Check the defects in the casting or processing of the box (such as whether the oil return L at the oil seal installation of the box is smooth), repair or replace the defective parts.

6) Check and readjust the belt tightness, the thumb should be 10mm