Screw air compressor has a bright market prospect Postdate:2019-06-11 Hits:625

In order to better solve these technical problems, a screw air compressor was produced. The market prospect of screw air compressors is very broad, and as its performance continues to improve and improve, the potential for development is growing.

We have such a set of data. In 1976, Japan's screw air compressors already accounted for 27% of the market capacity. After continuous improvement and optimization of the market, in 1985, it already occupied 85% of the market capacity. This is a very incredible set of data. Therefore, the market very much recognizes the development of screw air compressors. Another set of data is that the market capacity of screw air compressors in developed markets in Europe and America has also reached more than 80%, and the development trend has not shown signs of weakening. From these two sets of data, the screw air compressor has been fully recognized by the market.

What magic power of the screw air compressor can be highly recognized by the market. This is because its structure is very simple, easy to manufacture and easy to maintain; small size, easy to transfer and transport; less wearing parts, stable work, high safety, high efficiency; long life and lower costs.

From the above, we already know the reason why the screw air compressor can develop rapidly. In the process of market popularization and continuous development, it is constantly making technical improvements and optimizations, hoping to do better.