oil-free medium and high pressure machine 30~40Mpa(4.0~24.0m?/min)

Exhaust pressure

Air flow

Motor Power

Crankshaft speedExhaust interface
Water cooling pipe diameterDimensions(mm)Weight   (kg)
JH-4.0/3030444350DN321 1/4"3100150015002350
JH-6.0/30306.267520DN321 1/4"3100150015003000
JH-10.0/303010112420DN401 1/2"3620200018504400
JH-12.0/303012135460DN401 1/2"3620200018504650

ModelExhaust pressure
Air flow
Motor Power
Crankshaft speed

Exhaust interface

Water cooling pipe diameterDimensions(mm)Weight    (kg)
JH-4.0/4040444350DN321 1/4"3100150015002350
JH-6.0/40406.267520DN321 1/4"3100150015003000
JH-10.0/404010120420DN401 1/2"3620200018504500
JH-12.0/404012145460DN401 1/2"3620200018504800
oil-free medium and high pressure machine 30~40Mpa(4.0~24.0m?/min)
Double acting cylinder technology

The double-acting cylinder technology is to change one compression of a reciprocating stroke into two compressions, which can minimize the leakage of the compression process and balance the force of the moving mechanism, thereby improving the compression efficiency, reducing energy consumption, and reducing wear.

Waste gas recovery injection technology

The unique low-pressure compressed air (PET blowing residual gas) recovery injection technology, Jinyuan oil-free medium and high-pressure compressor can recover the PET blowing residual gas, and send the residual gas back to be compressed. Jinyuan JY's unique design saves customers up to 50% of energy. At the same time, this air inlet can also be used as an exhaust port for low-pressure gas (8-10MPa), and the unit can also only run the screw compression part.

Advanced frequency conversion technology

Jinyuan JH oil-free medium and high-pressure compressor has the leading application of frequency conversion technology, adopts optimized vector control, adjusts the speed of the motor to accurately track the user's gas demand, and reduces the unloading time of the compressor under the premise of stable exhaust pressure Or avoid the compressor to enter the unloaded state, can reduce energy consumption by up to 36% or more.

A new generation of European screw host

The latest Y-shaped screw rotor further improves the customer's product efficiency; the large-diameter rotor design allows the host to operate at low speeds. The high-quality SKF heavy-duty bearings greatly extend the service life of the host.

Inverter adopts international famous chip module

The control software has gone through tens of thousands of compressors to form a set of PID parameters suitable for China's national conditions. In order to adapt to the humid tropical climate, the cooling and cooling components of the inverter have been specially designed, the data settings are simple, and the human-machine interface is friendly.

Re-injection technology of residual gas in PET bottle blowing

Reserve the recovery gas interface. It saves energy greatly; at the same time, this vent can also be used as the exhaust of low-pressure gas (8-10MPa). The unit can also only run the screw pressure part.

Advanced computer control system

Can be unattended and work continuously throughout the day, ensuring the machine's fully automatic and intelligent operation; can display the current operating status, can store and query various faults; when a fault may occur, it will automatically prompt, diagnose, alarm or shut down Protection to ensure the safety of the unit.

Easy installation and management

The machine is skid-mounted as a whole, and the vibration is small and only needs to be installed on a horizontal cement surface, without foundation or rubber pad. The airway and waterway sewage drains are centralized to facilitate the management of the air compressor machine room.

Unit-level water cooling technology

The cylinder and the packing are cooled by water, which effectively reduces the temperature and makes the compression process close to isothermal compression. The lower compression temperature reduces wear and prolongs the service life of the machine parts; the unit can be installed in a small space and is not affected by the harsh heat radiation environment .

High efficiency oil-free booster host

High-efficiency oil-free 2-3-stage supercharged main engine, double-acting cylinder design, to achieve symmetrical balanced force compression, reduce leakage and reduce energy consumption. It adopts PTFE piston ring oil-free lubricating material, adopts compound sealing packing, JY proprietary technology air cushion valve. The pressure drop of cylinder parts is small, wear-resistant, reliable sealing and long service life.

Pipe configuration of all stainless steel (ASTM standard 304 grade)

It has excellent stainless corrosion resistance and good intergranular corrosion resistance. It can prevent various failures and potential risks caused by pipeline rust to meet the clean requirements of modern pharmaceutical and food industry production.

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